Share livestreams from a smart phone to Facebook groups

Part of being in this growing livestream community means sharing great conTent with others. While checking out The Live Stream Insiders show today, I wanted to share their broadcast with our group, Live Talk Nation within Facebook.   

In the past, I’ve always had to be on an iPad or at my desktop to share a livestream to a group, but not any longer it appears. Today I spied a new mobile sharing interface and features.  Some people asked if this has anything to do with the new Facebook Creator App. While I am part of the Facebook Creator program, I am an Android user and cannot download the Creator App (it’s currently iOS only).

What’s New

  1.  Share icon size, location, and color.
  2. Share interface takes up more of the screen.
  3. “Share as a Post” instead of sharing to directly to your timeline, only.
  4. Search feature to find the who you’d precisely like to share the broadcast with.
  5. Share to groups (the focus of the rest of this post).

What’s the same

  1. Can invite numerous individuals from this interface.
  2. Can copy the link to share outside of Facebook.

Quickly share from your mobile device to facebook groups.

For the purpose of this post I am focusing on the group share feature. While the placement, size, and color of the icons have changed, the big update is the ability to share to groups.

After clicking the “Share to group” button, the menu above pops up. You can search for the specific group you are looking for, or you can scroll down through the list of groups.

Add a description and share to multiple groups from the same interface

Add a description to create a personalized message when sharing to a group.  Click the “Share” button next to the group you’d like to see the content. Keep clicking “Share” and multiple groups will instantly see the same description and see the livestream. This concept should seem familiar because it is same way you share livestreams with individual Facebook friends.